70 Goodbye to yesterday

71 Truth in the darkness

72 I'm not a innocent

73 Thinking of Death

74 Who lays with you at night

75 Road to infinity

76 Eksperyment numer zero

77 Future without control

78 Festina lente

78d I got all I need when I got you

79 Red Motel

80 She was once a true love of mine

81 I don't wanna be lonely anymore

82 You raise me up to more than I can be

83 Whatever I do it's better with you

84 Look for the girl with a broken smile

85 Everyone must stand alone

86 Seems so embarrased to be there

87 Everything looks different now when we know

88 The worst is yet to come

89 Teach me how to fight

90 I'll show you how to win

91 The Frustrating Things About Psychopaths

92 They're playing our song

93 Annie, are you OK?

94 (S)he left bloodstains on a carpet

95 It was her doom

96 You've been struck by a smooth criminal

97 It was sound of a crescendo

98 Every little thing she does is magic

99 Welcome to the Moulin Rogue

100 My head's under ground, but I'm breathing fine

Epilog - Juntos en siempre